Reporting abusive websites

All websites must adhere to Tucows legal policies. Our compliance team will take down any website reported for abusive behavior. The registrant must follow the rules provided by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to ensure their domains stay online.

Reporting abuse for resellers

If you are a reseller with OpenSRS, please contact us via phone or live chat to report abusive websites.

Additionally, you can email us at We recommend contacting us via phone or live chat, as this method will connect you to our support team quicker.

Reporting abuse for non-resellers

If you are not a reseller with Opensrs, please contact our compliance team with their contact form.

Once they receive your email and have investigated the website, it will be taken down if any signs show that it goes against Tucows or ICANN policies.

When our compliance team takes down the domain, they will notify the reseller that manages the website so they can notify the registrant.

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