Updating Max quota for Email

OpenSRS offers email accounts that can store emails from 5 GB to 100 GB.

You must first increase the company and domain max quotas to raise an email account's maximum storage.

If the max quota for the company is 15 GB and you would like to change the user account to 20 GB, you will have to raise the company's max quota to 20 GB and also at the domain level to 20 GB. Before changing the maximum storage, you can check our pricing tier.

Our system uses megabytes and measures each gigabyte as 1024 megabytes. If changing the storage to 10 GB, you would enter 10240 MB.

  1. Log in to the MAC located on the appropriate cluster where your email domain is. Cluster A MAC login or Cluster B MAC login.
    Note: To make changes at the company and domain level, you must be an admin with either the admin role set to company or super. If you do not have the proper admin role, you will have to contact us so we can increase the maximum storage.
  2. Click on your company name on the toolbar left of the page. You will be taken to the Settings tab and shown the Defaults for new domains section, where you will see your company's and max quotas.Default_storage_tab_company_lvl.JPG
  3. Increase the max quota to the needed amount by replacing the current amount. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Update.Update_quota_company_lvl.JPG
  4. Using the search bar at the top left corner, search for the email domain. Go to the Defaults for new users tab, and you should see your account's quota and max quota.Update_quota_domain_lvl.JPG
  5. Increase the max quota to the needed amount by replacing the current amount. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Update.Update_quota_domain_lvl_2.JPG
  6. Search for the email account using the search bar on the top left corner. Once on the settings tab for the email account, go to the Sending & receiving section and enter the desired storage amount on the Quota (MB) line.Update_quota_user_lvl.JPG
  7. After entering the new maximum storage, scroll down and select Update.Update_quota_user_lvl_2.JPG Note: After raising the max quota for the email account, change the max quota for the domain and company level to the original amount.

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