Transfer .UK domains

Transfer-in orders that complete within seven days of the expiration date are renewed and charged a renewal fee. Unlike most other domains, there is no transfer fee and no year is added to a .UK domain when the domain transfers in more than seven away days from expiry.
: It is not possible to force the completion of .UK transfers that are in the status of pending registry approval.

Manually transfer .UK domains in the RCP

  1. Log in to the Reseller Control Panel.
  2. Select the Domains tab and click the + (plus) icon.

  3. Search for the domain name in the pop-up window.
  4. Click on the Transfer? link. This option only appears when the domain is transferrable.
  5. Type in the registrant username and password for your end-user to be able to manage the domain at the Manage Web Interface (MWI) or use the Associate with existing user button to insert the domain into an existing profile.
    Note: Registrants use the MWI to modify domain details. If you don’t allow this access, it is still a requirement

  6. Fill in the owner's contact details and select the registrant type.
  7. Select which nameservers to use for the domain. 
    Note: UK-based nameservers are not usable by other domains until added to the parent domain. For example, to attach the new nameserver to, the following procedure must be done: create a nameserver through the usual means, add the new nameserver to then add the new nameserver to
  8. Optionally, select a DNS template if you want to apply a template you already set for your account.

  9. Submit the order by clicking Submit registration.
  10. Update the domain's IPS tag at the losing registrar. The IPS tag must be set to TUCOWS-CA by the current registrant. The transfer completes automatically once the IPS tag is updated.

Bulk transfer .UK domains via API requests

You can use the OpenSRS API to transfer multiple .UK domains at once. Here are the API endpoints for .UK transfers.

The command for submitting a new registration or transfer order 
Parameter required for .UK transfer orders, using the registrant_extra_info value. 
Required parameters within the registrant_extra_info for .UK domains.
Mandatory within registrant_extra_info for .UK domains with certain registrant types.
Mandatory within registrant_extra_info for .UK domains with certain registrant types.

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