Horizon/test system accounts

OpenSRS provides resellers with access to our test environment nicknamed Horizon. This system is similar to the main/live environment with some differences. 

Account access

Access the test Reseller Control Panel (RCP) using the logon credentials used when you first registered as an OpenSRS reseller. Passwords do not expire.

Access the test Mail Administration Console (MAC) using the login password you chose when you first registered as an OpenSRS reseller. The MAC username is the same as the live system

If you need to access this environment and the password reset tool is not working, don't hesitate to contact support.

Production and test differences

The test environment has been made available to allow experimentation and understanding of how our system functions. It is different from the live environment in the following ways:

  • Registrations processed in Horizon are not processed into the public root registry. Domain names registered are not real nor functional on the internet.
  • The test environment will likely not recognize your nameservers. Please use ns1.systemdns.com and ns2.systemdns.com to specify nameservers.
  • You can register names that are not actually available. Horizon only conducts lookups against previous registrations that were processed through it. While you cannot register a name twice or one that another reseller has registered, you can register names taken on the internet.
  • Domains cannot be transferred.
  • Email is not sent/received. The email tab is not available in the RCP.
  • Billing and payment functions are not available.

Account balances

Registering domain names in Horizon uses credits in the test system; they do not cost real money. Accounts start with $5,000. To add additional funds, please contact support.

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API configuration

The test environment API requires an API key, but it doesn't require you to authorize your IP address, unlike the live environment. OpenSRS provides the test environment to assist with developing and testing API integration.

Test API connection details:





Service availability


Horizon duplicates the functionality of the production environment and is connected to most of the registries` test platforms. Some of the popular TLDs available in the test environment are:


A full list of TLDs available in Horizon is found in the TLD reference chart under column X.

The name suggestion tool is not available in the test environment. 

Hosted Email

Email is not available in the sandbox RCP. Access to the test environment email is done through https://admin.test.hostedemail.com. Messages are not sent or received in this sandbox. If access is required, please reach out to support.


SSL orders may be placed and completed with email validation only. Test certificates issued are valid for one week.  

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