Trust order statuses

Each trust product is listed with an order status in the reseller control panel to let resellers know how far the order is. Certificate types vary in the length of time for approval by the certificate authority (CA) from minutes to weeks. 

Order status

Trust order statuses are found in the reseller control panel. There are two types of order statuses: orders and products.

  • Trust orders represent the initial order and the progress to becoming a product. 
  • Trust products represent the certificates and their current status.
Order Pending The initial order is saved as a draft, not yet submitted.
  In progress The order is being submitted to the CA, and money is held for processing.
  Awaiting approval The order is awaiting approval through validation by the CA.
  Declined The CA has canceled the order; funds are returned.
  Completed The order is verified and finalized.
  Cancelled The order is cancelled, funds are returned. 
Product Active The order is complete; the certificate is now active.
  Upgraded The order is complete; the Sitelock product has been upgraded.
  Activated A Sitelock product has completed a free trial and is now active.
  Renewed A renewal order is complete; the certificate is now renewed.


Expired The order is complete; the certificate is now past the expiry date. 

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Validation types

Validation type name Issuance time Description
Domain validated (DV)  ~ 10 minutes. Domain validated certificates offer inexpensive, basic protection. We recommend these for personal or hobby sites and small forums that need basic encryption for things like logins, forms, or other non-transactional data.
Organization validated (OV) Two to four business days. Organization validated certificates provide affordable protection for small businesses. We recommend these for small- to mid-sized business sites where validation of the company is important. Highly recommended for sites with low-volume eCommerce transactions.
Extended validated (EV)  Five to seven business days. Extended validation certificates are proven to boost customer confidence. We recommend these for mid-sized to enterprise sites where visitor confidence is key—a must for websites with transactions for payments, online banking, and eCommerce.

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