Changing nameservers in the reseller control panel

Nameservers are the primary DNS checker, and without the correct nameserver settings, your email and domain won't work correctly. OpenSRS offers both the option of using our own nameservers or external nameservers. Your domain must be registered with OpenSRS in your account to modify nameservers. If you're going to change your nameservers to another company, you need to have those configured before beginning.

Changing nameservers for a single domain

  1. In the reseller control panel, query the domain name and click it. 
  2. Click on Edit under the nameservers section, as shown in the screenshot below.
  3. You have three options to choose from. You can use our nameservers, park with ads, or use your own nameservers. When selecting Use your own nameservers, the fields will appear. You can add additional nameserver fields by clicking on the plus sign. When finished, click Save

    Note: Propagation does take effect when changing nameservers. This can take 24-48 hours after you have saved it.
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Changing nameservers in bulk

The bulk nameserver change functionality allows you to perform three types of changes.

Important: Use this feature with caution. When you make DNS changes, the original nameservers are removed.

Add nameservers Adds new nameservers to the specified domains.
Remove nameservers Removes nameservers from the specified domains.
Assign nameserver Replaces the existing nameservers with new ones for the specified domains.

To make nameserver changes to multiple domains.

1. Click the boxes to put a checkmark next to each of the domains whose nameservers you want to change.

2. From the Bulk Actions drop-down list, choose Edit nameservers.

3. In the nameserver provider section, click the associated radio button to choose one of the following:

  • Use our nameservers—Domains are assigned the default OpenSRS nameservers, which are mandatory if you want to take advantage of DNS/Zone features.
    The default nameservers are,, and
  • Park with Ads—Domains display sponsored ads and are assigned the default parking nameservers.
  • Use your own nameservers—You can specify your own nameservers. In the Nameservers section, enter at least two nameservers. If you choose this option, any existing forwarding and DNS options will be disabled.

4. Optionally, in the Email results to field, enter the email address to which you would like the mailed results, and Click Save nameservers.

Once you submit the bulk job, it might be possible to cancel the job on the view details page. However, if any domains have already been processed, you will have to either edit each of those domains or submit another bulk job for those domains, specifying the settings that you want.  

Note: There is no undo for this operation, so be very careful when selecting the domains to include in the bulk job. 

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