Registry premium domains guide

Registry premium domain names are unique names for purchase at a non-standard price set by the registry. Registry premium domains may have a premium transfer or renewal price, in addition to a premium purchase price. Some have renewal rates higher than the standard version of the TLD; on others, the renewal price may change regularly.

Registry premium domain types

Type Pricing and registry currencies 
Group 1
  • Premium registration price
  • Regular renew and transfer price
  • USD Base Currency at the registry
Group 2
  • Premium registration price
  • Premium renew and transfer price
  • USD Base Currency at the registry
Group 3
  • Premium registration price
  • Renew and transfer prices dependant upon exchange rates
  • Non-USD Base Currency at the registry, variable

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Deciding to offer registry premium domains

There are several advantages to offering registry premium domains. The first is the ability to earn higher margins: resellers set the final price and the profit margins for these domains. Registry premium domains are typically sought-after, single-word domains that sell for a high price.

Customers who purchase these will likely be looking for something specific. Expanding your inventory to include registry premiums prevents the loss of high-value customers who would otherwise buy elsewhere. Offering registry premium domains can help you ensure repeat business, providing you with a competitive edge.

We recommend when offering registry premium domains that you consider the following:
  • Inform the customer of all premium fees at the time of purchase.
  • Have enough funds in your account to cover future fees.
  • Vet large purchases to protect against fraud.
  • Alert the customer of variable pricing at the time of purchase, if applicable.

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Identifying registry premium domains

The premium status is indicated in your search results when searching for a domain. From here you can also view which of the three registry premium categories the name falls into, and the renewal and transfer fees. The Registry premium setting will determine how the details are displayed.

Registry premium domain setting enabled

  1. Start a new order in the Reseller Control Panel and then search for the domain you'd like to order. 

  2. When the domain is available, we are brought right to the registration page.

  3. Scrolling down to the domain settings section, the note under the registration period indicates this is a premium domain and lists the price for one year. Selecting Registration renewal pricing displays the renewal costs for the domain.

Registry premium domain setting disabled

  1.  Upon searching for the domain, you will find it listed as a registry premium domain. Clicking the link will provide more details.

  2.  Clicking the link Registry premium domain will provide pricing details and let you know which category must be enabled to submit an order. 

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Registration and renewals

Registry premium domains will be available to register in the Reseller Control Panel via the standard domain order process, once you've enabled the settings in your account.  

  1. Click on the Domains option on the main menu of the Reseller Control Panel.

  2. Click on the Settings tab.

  3. Scroll down to the enable registry premium section and click Edit.
  4. Toggle the switches as needed to enable any or all of the three types. 
  5. Click the Save button. Before enabling any of these options, ensure your system is updated to accommodate the API requirements for registry premium names if applicable.

    Registry premiums must renew manually. Auto-renewal is not an option for these domains due to their high renewal costs. We've made this decision to avoid situations where a customer is unpleasantly surprised with a costly renewal fee for a domain they did not wish to renew. 

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XML commands & parameters

Below are some quick links to our API XML guide for commands relevant to registry premium domain searches & registration.

lookup (domain)
name_suggest (domain)
renew (domain) 

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