Troubleshoot your WHMCS module

Determine Which WHMCS Module You Are Using: Opensrs or Opensrspro

Which WHMCS module are you using?

To figure this out, in your WHMCS admin area, go to:  Setup >> Products/Services >> Domain Registrars

If you only see "OpenSRS"

If you only have an entry for "OpenSRS", then you are using the WHMCS-developed module.  WHMCS has created an article for using their module, as well as troubleshooting steps, here:

If you see both "OpenSRS" and "Opensrspro"

If you see both "OpenSRS" and "Opensrspro", then you have successfully installed our WHMCS module.  You can then Activate it (if it isn't already activated) and Configure it with your reseller account credentials.

You can determine which domains are using this module from your list of domain registrations under Clients >> Domain Registrations

Domains using our module will have the "Registrar" column set to "Opensrspro".

Dealing With Common Errors

Registrar Error

Authentication Error. For support regarding , please contact your reseller, via the following:


This indicates one of two potential problems:

1) You're using the WHMCS-created OpenSRS module, and the registrant data has not yet been added to the WHMCS database, or the registrant username/password that is provided is incorrect.  Please see WHMCS importing existing domains for more information.

2) You are attempting to manage a domain name that does not exist in the reseller account configured in the plugin settings.

oSRS Error

oSRS Error - No Content-Length header returned. Please make sure IP is whitelisted in RWI. Check the osrs_key and osrs_username in the config file as well.

oSRS Error - Read buffer is empty. Please make sure IP is whitelisted in RWI. Check the osrs_key and osrs_username in the config file as well.


These errors indicate that your server is unable to connect to our API service.  Please verify that the Opensrspro module is configured correctly with your reseller name and API key, and that your server/firewall has been correctly configured to allow outbound IP traffic over ports 55000 and 55443 to

Please run the telnet test to verify your server is configured correctly and can establish a connection to our API service.

Blank screen

After performing an action with the module, I'm getting a blank screen and nothing appears to happen!


This rarely occurs, but when it does, it's usually due to a missing dependency in PHP.  Please enable 'display_errors' in the server's PHP configuration, and turn on Error Reporting in WHMCS under Setup >> General Settings >> Other

Try submitting your change once more, and this time you should see the PHP error message which offer additional details so you can resolve the issue.

Changes not being reflected

Please check your Module Logs in WHMCS for more information.  You can view these logs, and enable logging (it is off by default) by going to  Utilities >> Logs >> Module Logs.


If logging is current disabled, please enable it and submit your modification once more.

You will see a timestamp of requests, the module that request was submitted through, the action that was performed and the JSON Request and our server's Response.

Please look for the row that contains the change you submitted, and review the details in the Response column.  This should provide some insight into what could be causing this error.

If you are unable to identify the cause based off this information, please contact support with what you attempted to do, as well as the timestamp, request and response for further assistance.


Currently at this time, only the Opensrspro (Domains) module is logging errors here.  Our other modules (SSL, TRUSTe, goMobi, etc) are not being logged here.  Please contact support directly with a detailed description of your request (include the date and time) and the steps you performed so we can try to replicate your results.

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