Creating mailbox accounts

Creating a new email account is managed through the Reseller Control Panel (RCP) or the MAC. You can create single users, or use the Bulk Tools option to create multiple users.
We support the following types of user creation:
Mailbox Standard mailbox that can receive and send emails.
Forward Automatically forwards mail to another specified mailbox. Email accounts that only have the forward setting can't be used to send emails, nor is mail stored in a forward-only account.
Filter Stops spam messages but allows a non-spam message to flow through to a target account.

Creating a new user in the Control Panel

  1. Log in to the Reseller Control Panel.
  2. In the Email section choose Email domains, select the domain you want to create the user for, and click the (+) sign.create_emailaccount_rcp.JPG
  3. You will be prompted to set the username and password for the email account.email_account_login_information_RCP.JPG
  4.  The new user's User Settings page opens and the default settings are assigned to the user.
    Note: You can click Edit in each section to change any of the settings for the new user.

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Creating a new user in the MAC

The Mail Administration Console (MAC) is a tool we offer to our customers to manage their email accounts. To get started you will need to create a new user. To create a new user in the MAC you will need to log in to the control panel for your cluster.
Note: All fields are disabled until you complete the User field and press Enter.

  1. Navigate to Cluster A MAC login or  Cluster B MAC login.
  2. In the navigation pane, under the domain name, click Add User.create_email_MAC.JPG
  3. Complete the following fields, as applicable, and click Create or Create & repeat.
    Note: If you click Create & repeat, the new user is created, and the Create User window remains open so that you can create another user.

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