Upgrade a SiteLock product

At any time during the term, you can upgrade a SiteLock Find or Fix SSL certificate to a higher level certificate.

SiteLock Find can be upgraded to SiteLock Fix or SiteLock Prevent, and SiteLock Fix can be upgraded to SiteLock Prevent.

When you upgrade, you will be charged the price for one year at the new level, the product type changes, and the new expiry date is one year from the date of the upgrade.

Note: There is no refund for the original certificate.

Because you are upgrading an existing product, you do not need to specify the domain or the period.

To upgrade a SiteLock product

1. In the Control Panel, click Trust.

2. Click the domain name of the SiteLock product that you want to upgrade. You may see multiple entries for the same domain; be sure to click one with the status Product - Active.

3. In the Status section, from the Upgrade drop-down list, select the new product level, and then click Upgrade.

4. In the Customer section, click the radio button that indicates the type of user account to associate with the Trust service. Although you already chose the Customer type when you first ordered the SiteLock product for this domain, you can change your selection when you upgrade.

If you want to specify an existing account, select the Existing Customer Account radio button and then select the user from the Customer drop-down list.

If you want to specify a new customer, select the New Customer Account radio button, and enter a username, password, and email address for the new customer in the Username, Password, and Email Address fields. The username and password allows the domain owner to log in to the Domain Admin end user control panel at resellername.domainadmin.com to configure and manage their Trust Service product and account.

Important: If you select No Customer Account, the service will work; however, the end user will not be able to access the Domain Admin control panel. In that case, you can either provision the Trust Service product for your customer or you can provide your own end user interface. If you do not create a username and password when you order the service, you cannot add it later.

5. In the Individual Contact Information section, enter or edit the details for the Trust Service contact. If you are entering a new contact, you must complete all of the fields.

6. Click Upgrade Service.


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