Install and use the OpenSRS Domains Pro module for WHMCS

Follow these steps to install the OpenSRS Domains Pro module for WHMCS:

Download the latest version of Opensrspro WHMCS module

Download latest version from:  WHMCS

Extract and upload to your WHMCS application

Extract and upload to your WHMCS application, maintaining the folder structure (the WHMCS folder in our module is your base WHMCS directory on your server).

If you have modified your english.php file

If you have modified your english.php file, modify it to include the content of our "append_to_lang.txt" file in WHMCS/lang/

If you have modified your additionaldomainfields.php file

If you have modified your additionaldomainfields.php file, copy the additional lines from /includes/append_to_additionaldomainfields.php file to it.

Log into WHMCS Admin interface to Setup

Log into your WHMCS admin interface and visit Setup >> Product/Services >> Domain Registrars and activate OpenSRS Pro.


Generate an API Key

You will need to get/generate an API key for your reseller account, as well as whitelist your server's OUTBOUND IP address to access your account.

Log into your reseller account,

You can get there by clicking here:

Go to Account Settings

Access your account settings by mousing over the gear in the top-right corner, and choosing "Account Settings"

Click the "API Settings" tab

Copy your API Key from the "API Settings" tab

Under "IP Access Rules"

Click the "Edit" link to configure your accounts rules.

Server's OUTBOUND IP Address

Enter your server's OUTBOUND IP Address, and Submit.

Whitelist a range of IP's

If you need to whitelist a range of IP's, you can use CIDR notation by assigned the appropriate prefix from the drop-down menu.


Please allow up to 60 minutes for your IP address to be fully whitelisted by our systems

Shared hosting providers typically use a different IP address (or range/pool) for outbound traffic.  You will want to speak with your server administrator to determine the correct address/range that needs to be whitelisted.

Server/Firewall Configuration

Your server/firewall will also need to be configured to allow for Outbound connections over TCP on ports 55000 and 55443 to our API server:



Verify you server connection

You can verify your server is able to connect by running the following command from your server's command line:

telnet 55000

You may receive one of 3 responses:

1) Connection timed out

This indicates that port 55000 has NOT been opened on your server/firewall.

2)  0.9          XCP    Connection refused: invalid ip address [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX]    REPLY    555    

This indicates that your IP address (listed in the response) is not whitelisted yet.  Please add this IP to your reseller account's access list, and wait 1 hour before trying again.

3)  0.9          XCP    VERSION    CHECK              XML:0.1      OpenSRS SERVER      ready            

This response indicates that your connection was successful, and your server is correctly configured to access our API service.

Configuring the Opensrspro WHMCS Module

From the Domain Registrars section, click the "Configure" button beside Opensrspro.


TestAPIKey: (different from your live key)



Hashkey: *This field is optional


The rest of the options are optional and can be activated as needed:






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