How do I sell OpenSRS services to my clients?

You may be wondering how you will actually bill your clients for services and set the services up once you are signed up as a reseller. OpenSRS offers a variety of ways in which you can sell OpenSRS services to your clients. 

Reseller Control Panel

We offer a Reseller Control Panel to manage all services purchased from OpenSRS. If you wish to manually register domains or services for clients and bill them yourself through PayPal or other means, the RCP is a great option for you. 

This is a good option for resellers who may manually invoice clients for other services and wish to setup domains or other services on behalf of the client through an easy to use GUI.


We offer a robust API for resellers looking to design their own system that will automatically provision OpenSRS services.

More information about the OpenSRS API can be found here.



WHMCS is a third-party billing system that facilitates the automatic provisioning of services. We offer a number of modules for WHMCS to sell OpenSRS services on your WHMCS installation. WHMCS connects to payment processors like PayPal to automatically bill your clients, and then provision the OpenSRS service once the bill has been paid.

More details on WHMCS and our modules can be found here.



Your reseller account includes a basic Storefront platform which your clients can access to purchase domains on their own. We handle the billing of clients for you and pay you a commission on all sales after our fees are deducted. Only domains are available through this system and you are responsible for supporting clients that purchase domains on your Storefront.

More details on Storefront can be found here.

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