Depositing funds into your reseller account using Local Bank Transfers

Local bank transfers are a payment option to fund your OpenSRS reseller account.  It allows you to send funds via wire transfer in your local currency to a bank account in your country.  The funds will then be converted into US Dollars (USD) and be applied to your OpenSRS reseller account.  Bluesnap is the service provider powering those local bank transfers.

Important: OpenSRS does not charge any additional fees for this service.

Local bank transfer payment details

A local bank transfer payment is initiated by creating a new transaction in the Reseller Control Panel (RCP).  The RCP will give you a payment reference number and the local Bluesnap bank account details for your country to take to your bank to initiate the wire transfer.

Once Bluesnap receives the funds in your local currency, they will convert them into USD, subtract their payment fee, and notify OpenSRS of the net amount received.  They charge a 1.5% markup fee + $5 for every local bank transfer.  OpenSRS will credit the total net amount received from Bluesnap to your reseller account.  Bluesnap will use the official interbank foreign exchange rate of the day when the payment is received in the Bluesnap bank account, adjusted by a percentage-based factor between 1.5% and 5.5%, depending on the specific source currency.

We recommend not sending more funds than initially specified when starting the transaction in RCP. as there will be an additional $25 processing fee if the payment reference number or the transferred amount is incorrect.  Should your actual payment be more than you had initially specified in RCP, Bluesnap will only credit the original amount, and any overpaid funds will sit on hold with Bluesnap. Bluesnap will not notify us that an overpayment occurred.  It is a manual process to reconcile overpayments in each case, and you will need to inform us in this case. 

Note: If your actual payment is less than the amount you had initially specified in the RCP, we will credit only the exact amount received by Bluesnap.

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Countries permitted to use local bank transfer payments

Currently, this feature is available for the following countries, with more coming soon:

Bank Country
AL Albania EUR Germany
DZ Algeria EUR France
AS American Samoa USD Netherlands
AD Andorra EUR Netherlands
AI Anguilla USD Netherlands
AQ Antarctica NOK Norway
AG Antigua and Barbuda USD Netherlands
AW Aruba USD Netherlands
AT Austria EUR Austria
BS Bahamas USD Netherlands
BD Bangladesh USD Netherlands
BB Barbados USD Netherlands
BZ Belize USD Netherlands
BJ Benin EUR France
BM Bermuda USD Netherlands
BT Bhutan USD Netherlands
BO Bolivia USD Netherlands
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina EUR Germany
BW Botswana ZAR Netherlands
BV Bouvet Island NOK Norway
BF Burkina Faso EUR France
CM Cameroon EUR France
CV Cape Verde EUR Netherlands
KY Cayman Islands USD Netherlands
CF Central African Republic EUR France
TD Chad EUR France
CL Chile USD Netherlands
CN China USD Netherlands
KM Comoros EUR France
CG Congo EUR France
CD Congo, the Democratic Republic of the EUR France
CK Cook Islands NZD New Zealand
CR Costa Rica USD New Zealand
CI Cote d’Ivoire EUR France
CY Cyprus EUR Netherlands
CZ Czech Republic CZK Czech Republic
DJ Djibouti EUR France
DM Dominica USD Netherlands
DO Dominican Republic USD Netherlands
EG Egypt EUR France
SV El Salvador USD Netherlands
GQ Equatorial guinea EUR France
ER Eritrea USD Netherlands
EE Estonia EUR Netherlands
ET Ethiopia USD Netherlands
FK Falkland Islands GBP United Kingdom
FI Finland EUR Finland
FR France EUR France
GF French Guiana EUR France
PF French Polynesia EUR France
TF French Southern Territories EUR France
GA Gabon EUR France
GM Gambia USD Netherlands
DE Germany EUR Germany
GI Gibraltar GBP United Kingdom
GR Greece EUR Netherlands
GD Grenada USD Netherlands
GP Guadeloupe EUR France
GU Guam USD Netherlands
GT Guatemala USD Netherlands
GN Guinea EUR France
GW Guinea-Bissau EUR France
GY Guyana USD Netherlands
HT Haiti USD Netherlands
HN Honduras USD Netherlands
ID Indonesia USD Netherlands
IE Ireland EUR Netherlands
IM Isle of Man GBP United Kingdom
IL Israel USD Netherlands
IT Italy EUR Italy
JM Jamaica USD Netherlands
JE Jersey GBP United Kingdom
JO Jordan USD Netherlands
KE Kenya USD Netherlands
KR Korea, South USD Netherlands
LV Latvia EUR Netherlands
LS Lesotho ZAR Netherlands
LR Liberia USD Netherlands
LI Liechtenstein CHF Switzerland
LT Lithuania EUR Netherlands
LU Luxembourg EUR Netherlands
MK Macedonia EUR Germany
MG Madagascar EUR France
MW Malawi USD Netherlands
MV Maldives USD Netherlands
ML Mali EUR France
MT Malta EUR Italy
MH Marshall Islands USD Netherlands
MQ Martinique EUR France
MR Mauritania EUR France
MU Mauritius EUR Germany
YT Mayotte EUR France
FM Micronesia USD Netherlands
MC Monaco EUR France
ME Montenegro EUR Germany
MS Montserrat USD Netherlands
MA Morocco EUR France
MZ Mozambique ZAR Netherlands
NA Namibia ZAR Netherlands
NP Nepal USD Netherlands
NL Netherlands EUR Netherlands
NC New Caledonia EUR France
NZ New Zealand NZD New Zealand
NI Nicaragua USD Netherlands
NE Niger EUR France
NG Nigeria USD Netherlands
NU Niue NZD New Zealand
MP Northern Mariana Islands USD Netherlands
NO Norway NOK Norway
OM Oman USD Netherlands
PK Pakistan USD Netherlands
PW Palau USD Netherlands
PA Panama USD Netherlands
PY Paraguay USD Netherlands
PE Peru USD Netherlands
PH Philippines USD Netherlands
PN Pitcairn NZD New Zealand
PL Poland PLN Poland
PT Portugal EUR Netherlands
PR Puerto Rico USD Netherlands
RE Reunion EUR France
SH Saint Helena GBP United Kingdom
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis USD Netherlands
LC Saint Lucia USD Netherlands
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon EUR France
VC Saint Vincent and The Grenadines USD Netherlands
SM San Marino EUR Italy
ST Sao Tome and Principe EUR Netherlands
SA Saudi Arabia USD Netherlands
SN Senegal EUR France
RS Serbia EUR Germany
SC Seychelles USD Netherlands
SL Sierra Leone USD Netherlands
SX Sint Maarten (Dutch) USD Netherlands
SK Slovakia EUR Netherlands
SI Slovenia EUR Netherlands
SO Somalia USD Netherlands
ZA South Africa ZAR Netherlands
ES Spain EUR Netherlands
LK Sri Lanka USD Netherlands
SR Suriname USD Netherlands
SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen NOK Norway
SZ Swaziland ZAR Netherlands
TZ Tanzania USD Netherlands
TH Thailand USD Netherlands
TG Togo EUR France
TK Tokelau NZD New Zealand
TT Trinidad and Tobago USD Netherlands
TN Tunisia EUR France
TC Turks and Caicos Islands USD Netherlands
UG Uganda USD Netherlands
AE United Arab Emirates AED Netherlands
GB United Kingdom GBP United Kingdom
UY Uruguay USD Netherlands
VA Vatican State EUR Italy
VE Venezuela USD Netherlands
VG Virgin Islands, British USD Netherlands
VI Virgin Islands, U.S. USD Netherlands
WF Wallis and Futuna EUR France
EH Western Sahara EUR France
ZM Zambia ZAR Netherlands
ZW Zimbabwe ZAR Netherlands

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Using the local bank transfer payments option

  1. Log in to the Reseller Control Panel.
  2. Select Billing & Payments at the top-right menu.
  3. Choose the Add funds tab.
  4. Under Payment method, select the button for Local bank transfer payments.Image_2.png

  5. Under Payment amount, select your country, and the appropriate currency will be shown, including the minimum and maximum amounts allowed.  Enter the amount that you would like to add to your reseller account.
  6. Complete your contact information, and click Next.
  7. The next screen will show the bank details to wire the funds.  Print this page and take it with you to make the transfer.
    Note: If you do not wire the funds, they will not be added to your reseller account.  You must reference the Payment Reference number in your wire transfer to ensure the funds go to your reseller account.print.png

  8. Ensure you allow time for the bank to process the payment once you have made the transfer.  This process is local and separate from OpenSRS billing.
  9. Once the local bank has processed your wire transfer, the money will be deposited into your reseller account, minus any currency conversion and bank transfer fees by the local bank.  OpenSRS will not charge any fees.
  10. You will be sent a receipt via email once the funds are deposited into your account.  You can also view the deposit under Transactions in the Billing & Payments section.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it usually take for a local bank transfer to complete? Local bank transfers will take up to two weeks from sending funds from your bank account until they have been received in your OpenSRS reseller account.  Several additional processing steps are involved after your payment reaches the recipient's bank account, so the completion time is longer than the bank transfer process.
What happens if I forget to include the payment reference number in my wire transfer? Bluesnap will not be able to identify your payment without a payment reference number.  If you send a payment without or with an incomplete payment reference, please send us proof so we can track the payment with Bluesnap.  There will be an additional $25 processing fee if the payment reference number or the transferred amount is incorrect.
Which foreign exchange rate will Bluesnap use when converting from the local currency to USD? Bluesnap will use the official interbank foreign exchange rate of the day when the payment is received in the Bluesnap bank account, adjusted by a percentage-based factor between 1.5% and 5.5%, depending on the specific source currency.
What can I do if the bank transfer payment is not reflected in the Reseller account funds? Local bank transfers will take up to two weeks from sending funds from your bank account until they have been received in your OpenSRS reseller account.  If the payment isn't reflected after two weeks, please contact OpenSRS support with the wire payment details you got from the Reseller Control Panel and the bank transfer receipt.  We will then contact Bluesnap to get the status of your transaction.

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