In order to reduce the number of orders that get declined as a result of incorrect CSRs, you can parse the CSR while the order is either pending or processing. You can then see the information contained in the CSR, and any errors related to it.

To parse the CSR

1. In the Control Panel, click Trust, and then select the Parse CSR tab.


2. From the Select a supplier and Select a service drop-down lists, choose the supplier and service that you want to purchase.
If the CSR is for a domain vetted certificate, enter the name of the domain with which you are associating the certificate.


3. In the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) field, enter the CSR for the Web server that will be using the Trust Service.

4. Click Parse CSR.
The parsed CSR data is displayed. 

See below for the Certificate Authority direct tools:

Helpful Hint: You can obtain the DNS string or file required to validate your DV cert before you submit your order. You can then choose to add the DNS string to your records, or the file to your website's server ahead of time. This allows the vendor to complete the validation as soon as the purchase is made, often speeding up the verification process. 

Upon clicking Parse CSR, options to download the DNS and file will be displayed underneath the parsed data.






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