Domain name auctions

Once a domain name has expired, OpenSRS may list the domain name in an online auction marketplace. We have partnered with Namefind LLC for this service.

Domain renewals

OpenSRS makes every effort to allow registrants to renew their expired domain names. During the first 40 days after a domain name expires, the original registrant can reinstate the domain name simply by renewing it. Between day 40 and day 70, the original registrant can still redeem their domain name as long as the domain name is not sent for auction.

After a domain name registration expires, we reserve the exclusive right to offer the registration
to other users/registrants through the use of Tucows Auction Services. All existing grace and redemption periods will continue to apply except for domain names considered sold at auction.

Important: When sold at auction, the domain is acquired by a third party and is not available for re-registration after our stated grace period. You may try to contact this third party by looking up the whois on the domain name. 

Auction timeline

Day 0
  • This is the expiry date.
  • The domain status is updated to prevent the domain from resolving
Day 3
  • The OpenSRS Parked Pages Program is implemented on the domain names.
Day 21
  • Backorders can be made for domain names until the auction begins.
  • The Whois information for listed domains on the auction site is appended to include promoting the auction.

When OpenSRS lists a domain name for auction, it is still within the original registrant's grace period, and renewal is available until day 40.

Day 40
  • When a domain name does not receive any backorders by this date, the auction provider assumes no interest in the name, and the name will not be part of the auction.
  • Once a domain name enters auction, it cannot be redeemed by the original registrant.
Days 40 to 41
  • Domains with backorders are renewed and placed in an auction account to be auctioned. 
  • Domain names without backorders are queued for deletion.
Days 41 to 70
  • When the domain name is sold at auction, it is transferred to an authorized OpenSRS reseller, the registration records are updated, and the domain name is parked.
  • The domain's new expiration date is approximately one year from Day 0
Top-level domains list

OpenSRS may offer the following top-level domains (TLDs) for auction:


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