Which email cluster am I on?

OpenSRS provides email service through two clusters, Cluster A and Cluster B. The cluster is randomly assigned and cannot be changed. Both groups have the same features and functionalities. All email accounts created by the reseller will be under the same cluster.

Finding your email cluster

  1. Sign in to the Reseller Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Email tab and select Settings.
  3. The email cluster is displayed under Cluster Name.
  4. Once you have identified the email cluster, setting up the email service is easy.

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DNS records required to set up hosted email

For hosted email services to work, you need to have two central DNS records on the domain—MX record and CNAME record.

The MX (Mail eXchange) record is the resource record in DNS that indicates the mail servers that receive emails on behalf of your domain name. It helps identify the destination to where the emails should route.

The CNAME (Canonical NAME) is the DNS record that can be used to map a domain to another. If you want your clients to be able to use mail.example.com as the custom webmail login URL and in place of the default server hostname for incoming/outgoing server, you can point the subdomain to our server using a CNAME record.

Different settings are used depending on which cluster hosts your emails. Cluster B has an extra ".b" in the settings. When using the settings, replace "yourdomain.com" with the specific domain for which you are setting up the email service.

Note: The server hostname is spelled 'hosted email.' It's important not to drop the 'e' in email for it to work correctly.

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DNS records for Cluster A 

MX record mx.yourdomain.com.cust.hostedemail.com
CNAME mail.yourdomain.com.cust.hostedemail.com
IMAP/POP/SMTP hostname mail.hostedemail.com or mail.emailhome.com
Webmail sign in https://mail.hostedemail.com or https://mail.emailhome.com


DNS records for Cluster B

MX Record mx.yourdomain.com.cust.b.hostedemail.com
CNAME mail.yourdomain.com.cust.b.hostedemail.com
IMAP/POP/SMTP hostname mail.b.hostedemail.com or mail.mailconfig.net
Webmail sign in https://mail.b.hostedemail.com or https://mail.mailconfig.net


Port numbers for Cluster A and B

  SSL Enabled SSL disabled TLS
IMAP 993 143 n/a
POP3 995 110 n/a
SMTP 465 N/A 25, 587


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