How to add SRV records for Office 365

SRV (Service) records are custom DNS records. They are used to establish connections between a service and a hostname. When an application needs to find the location of a specific service, it will search for a related SRV record. If it finds one, it will sift through the list of services and their connecting hostnames to find the following:

  • Hostname
  • Ports
  • Priority and Weight
  • IP Addresses (if relevant)

Please use and for nameservers. Make sure to copy over the complete zone file before switching name servers. We currently do not support multiple SRV records with the same subdomain.

To add SRV records for Office 365

  1. Sign in to the Reseller Control Panel and search for the domain for which you are modifying the SRV records.
  2. Click the Domain, then scroll down to the DNS section and click Edit.
  3. The following screen should appear. Enter _sipfederationtls._tcp in the box below and click on Add subdomain.
  4. Select SRV from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter under Hostname and the Priority/Weight/Port values of 100 / 1 / 5061.
  6. Repeat the same for the subdomain _sip._tls, with the hostname of and the values of 100 / 1 / 443.
  7. Click Save DNS settings on the lower right to save the configuration.
  8. The end result for the SRV record should look like below.

Unsupported nameservers for SRV records

SRV records are not supported on storefront nameservers ( and If you are using these name servers, you will need to import the domains from Storefront into the reseller account.

The name servers and also do not support SRV records as they are now deprecated.

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