.DESI transitioned to Nominet EBERO

ICANN has initiated the Emergency Backend Registry Operator (EBERO) process to fail over the .DESI top-level domain from CentralNic Registry to Nominet. This follows a process where the current Registry Operator terminated their ICANN registry agreement.

.DESI EBERO impacting Registrants

Existing domain names registered under .DESI are safe and will continue to operate while ICANN determines the long-term plans for the top-level domain. Existing registrars can still provide support if updates are needed to the domain name. 

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.DESI EBERO impacting Resellers

  • Domains do not expire but retain their existing expiry dates.
  • Domains do not auto-renew.

It is not possible to:

  • Create a new domain.
    Note: An authorization error will appear when attempting to create a new .DESI registration. 
    desi create fail.png
  • Delete an existing domain.
  • Renew an existing domain.
    Note: A Fatal Server Error Occured API response will occur when attempting to renew.
    desi fatal error.png
  • Transfer an existing domain between registrars.

Updates to existing domains are limited to only those affecting the following:
Note: Contact OpenSRS support for the support changes.

  • Contact
  • Nameservers
  • Registrant

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