Registering domain names through the RWI

The New Domain Lookup textbox in the RWI allows you to check the availability of a domain name and request suggestions for similar, available names.

To provide you with the largest selection of names from which to choose, you can widen your search to include domain names that OpenSRS supplies and domain names purchased from external (non-OpenSRS) suppliers; these are Premium Domains. Some domains may be registered, but the owners are willing to sell them for a price.

Registering domains

  1. On the Domain lookup tab, type in the domain name you want to register on the New domain lookup bar and click on Check availability. register_domain_rwi.JPG
  2.  The option to register the domain will show under the action tab if the domain is available. If the name is unavailable or you entered anything other than a complete domain name, you will see a list of related, available domain names.domain_availability_rwi.JPG
  3. There will be a prompt to fill out the registrant, admin, billing, and technical information.
    Note: Technical contact information will, by default, use the technical information of your account.registrant_information.JPGregistrant_contact.JPGRW_technical_contactJPG.JPG
  4. You will choose to use our nameservers or your custom nameservers. After entering all the information, click Register now.
    Note: If you are using custom nameservers, due to each Registry having specific requirements, ensure the nameservers are correctly set. RWI_DNS_information.JPG
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Registering premium domains

Registering through the RWI

When you perform a domain name lookup that includes Premium domains, the search results show whether the name you entered (or similar names) is available from a non-OpenSRS supplier. The search results list indicates the purchase price for those Premium Domains with a set price.

If you include Premium Domains - Make Offer in your search criteria, the search results may also include Premium Domain names available from a non-OpenSRS supplier that allows you to negotiate the price. To purchase these domains, click Make Offer to enter a price. With this option, you will be taken to the Sedo website. Once the offer is sent to the seller, they can choose to accept or reject or make a counteroffer.

Note: Purchased premium domains can't be transferred away for 60 days.



  1. In the Domain Lookups section, select the type of results that you want to see by selecting one or more of the following:
    Display Suggested Names Domain names similar to the one you entered in the Domain Search field.
    Display Premium Domains Domain names that can be purchased from external suppliers. Many domain names may already be registered, but the owners are willing to sell them for a price. The search results show whether the name you entered (or similar names if you also selected Name Suggestion) is available and the purchase price of the available Premium domain names.
    Display Premium Domains Brokered Transfers Domain names that can be purchased from external suppliers that use a broker to complete the purchase process. These domains may take several days to complete.
    Display Premium Domains - Make Offer Domain names that may be purchased from external suppliers. The price is not displayed; instead, the potential buyer can make an offer, and the seller might accept the offer or make a counteroffer.
    Display Generic TLDs gTLDs include domains such as .ASIA, ,.BIZ, .COM, .INFO, .MOBI, .NAME, .NET, .ORG, .TEL and XXX.
    Display ccTLDs Country Code TLDs.
    Display Personal Names

    Domain names that are based on your name. When you search for a name using the format firstname lastname, the results indicate whether web and email addresses are available for that name. For more information, see “What are Personal Names and how do I get one?”

  2. Optionally, you can click the appropriate checkboxes to choose the languages you want to see suggestions for similar names.
    Note: The system tries to determine the language you used in the New Domain Lookup field and returns suggestions in that language.domain_availability_rwi.JPG
  3. In the New Domain Lookup field, enter a name, word, or phrase, and click Check Availability. The system checks the availability of the name you entered. If a domain name has the status Undetermined, the system cannot connect to the applicable Registry to determine whether the name is available.register_domain_rwi.JPG
    The registration form appears if you search for the exact domain name you want, including the TLD extension (such as, and the name is available. If the name is unavailable or you entered anything other than a complete domain name, you will see a list of related, available domain names.
  4. Do one of the following:
  • If the list includes a name that you want, click Register.
    Complete the New Domain Registration Form and click Submit.
     Note: OpenSRS has no input or influence on these purchases. Once the domain name is purchased, the buyer can transfer it anywhere, whether to OpenSRS or another registrar. Resellers do not earn any commission from the purchase of these domains. Due to the additional checks required to confirm availability and obtain Premium domains, the purchase process may take slightly longer than new domain registrations.
  • If there is a Premium domain or a Premium brokered domain name that you want, click Purchase.
    Complete the Premium Domain Form and click Submit.
    Once you submit the completed order form, the domain registration is complete, except that the new expiry date for the domain will be one year from the old expiry date for that domain.RWI_brokered_premium_domain_registration.JPG
  • If there is a Premium domain that does not display a set price, it means that the price is negotiable. Click Make offer to begin the purchase process. The Sedo website will open in another tab where the domain purchase is complete. The buyer makes an offer that the seller can accept or reject, or they can make a counteroffer.RWI_makeoffer_premium_domain_registration.JPG

Registering via API

OpenSRS offers the option to register a domain using the API. The call sw_register will be used, but the additional line of code premium price to verify will have to be added to the premium domain's price.


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