Gmail delivery issues

Gmail has recently started flagging emails from Hosted Email as unwanted, resulting in email delivery issues to recipients. We believe these rejections could be due to the misconfiguration of existing Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) records.

Please ensure that all Hosted Email domains have SPF configured to include our name and that any DKIM configuration is valid. We've created guides on SPF and DKIM available for resellers as needed.
Note: These measures do not guarantee email delivery.

Error message

Senders may receive rejection errors from recipients using Gmail such as:

550-5.7.26 pass authentication checks. 
To best protect our users from spam, the 550-5.7.26 message has been blocked. Please visit 550-5.7.26 for more 550 5.7.26 information. 133-20020a25038b000000b006238a3edbc8si10678131ybd.511 - gsmtp (in reply to end of DATA command))

SPF Records

SPF defines a way to validate that an email message sent is from an authorized mail server to detect forgery and prevent spam.

To ensure that mail can reach Google's servers, please include in the SPF record for all domains on the Hosted Email platform. For example:

v=spf1 ~all

DKIM records

DKIM is a method for associating a domain name with an email message, allowing a person, role, or organization to claim responsibility. 

Add DKIM records to required hostedemail domains via the MAC interface, located in the DKIM section under the domain's settings tab. 

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