Deleting email domains

Company administrators can delete any of the domains or mailboxes in a company. We offer a self-serve option to remove email service from other resellers.

Deleting email domains in the MAC

  1.  Log in to the Mail Administration Console (MAC).
  2. Click Domains from the left navigation pane under your company name.
  3.  Click the checkbox next to each of the domains to be deleted.
  4. Click Delete selected below the domains list. 
    Note: The number on the delete selected button reflects the number of domains you selected.
  5. A confirmation appears listing the domains for review.
    Optionally, check Cascade to delete mailboxes in the selected domains. 
    Note: Not selecting cascade requires you to delete any existing mailboxes first. Delete_domain_cascade.png
  6. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.

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Deleting domains in the RCP

  1. Log into the Reseller Control Panel (RCP).
  2. Click the Email domains tab.

  3.  Select the checkbox next to each domain to be deleted.

  4.  Click the Delete domains icon.
  5. Click Delete to confirm the deletion of the list.

Deleting domains from other resellers

We offer a self-serve option to remove email service from another reseller. Attempting to add an existing email domain from your cluster to your reseller account without first setting this record results in an error.


This process involves adding a DNS string to the subdomain _osrs_he for the existing email domain. Adding the DNS key string from the reseller's company MAC settings automatically deletes the respective email services from the active reseller account. The process allows the existing domain to move to the new reseller account. Resellers do not need to contact support for this process.
Important: This process does not pull existing email messages/accounts; it only deletes the email service from an existing account to permit it on a new account. Please contact support for verification to move email messages to another reseller account within your cluster.

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Obtaining the key

The key allows removing email domains from any other reseller automatically. The end-user does not need to contact the losing reseller to terminate services. Once complete, add the obtained key to your DNS records on the email domain's DNS records.

  1. Log into the MAC with a company-level user.
  2. Click on your company name in the left column.
  3. Find the DNS key under the basic settings section of the settings tab. 

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Adding the key

Add the obtained key as a DNS TXT record on the email domain. Use a TXT-type record on the subdomain _osrs_he. For example, on the domain, add the key value at 

Contact your DNS provider for instructions on how to add records using their tools.

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