.ECO domain policies

.ECO is a TLD for businesses, organizations, and individuals committed to positive change for the planet. Big Room Inc manages the top-level domain.

Registration requirements

The name length requirements for .ECO domains are one to 63 characters before the TLD. We do not support IDNs for this TLD.

Residency requirements

There are no residency requirements for this TLD.

General requirements

The registry has two minimum requirements of eligibility to activate a domain:

  1.  Registrant must pledge to show commitment to the purpose and principles of .ECO:
    “I/we pledge to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on environmental actions."
  2.  Affirm eligibility by sharing eco actions and commitments in a publicly accessible profile.

In line with .ECO purpose and principles, all .ECO domain names are registered with server hold status until the registrant affirms eligibility. These minimum requirements apply to all .ECO domain names.

Once the order is submitted, the registry contacts the registrant by email, inviting them to complete an Eco Profile affirming their or the user's eligibility.


During the creation of a .ECO profile, registrants are offered free membership in the .ECO Organization. According to its bylaws, membership in the organization is open to entities and natural persons committed to a respectful, responsible, and sustainable use of the environment. Membership of the .ECO Organization confers eligibility upon registrants.

Other eligibility categories

Not-for-profit mission-based organizations, both small and large, that work for the good of the planet.

Businesses of all sizes who are committed to providing products and services that encourage positive environmental change.

Government bodies that support sustainability through programs, infrastructure and funding, amongst other policies and actions.
People who participate in and support environmental change through
membership, financial support, or donating their time and environmental professionals contributing to positive environmental change through their work.
Farms and other producers of agricultural products that achieve EU organic
production and labeling standards.

The .ECO eligibility policies contain specifics for each category.

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We hold a .ECO domain for 40 days after the expiry date. After 40 days, it is deleted from our system and enters into the registry's redemption grace period.

The redemption grace period lasts for 30 days.

Changes in ownership

The change of ownership process for .ECO domains is the same as for gTLDs.


The following restrictions apply to transfers:

  • A domain name cannot be transferred within the first 60 days after it is created or within 60 days of a previous transfer.
  • If the domain is transferred to another registrar during the 45-day auto-renew grace period, the losing registrar is refunded for the auto-renewal, and the year is removed from the domain name term. The gaining registrar is charged for the transfer, and the expiration date is extended one year from the original expiration date.

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