Changes to Digicert/Symantec/Thawte/Geotrust products

Starting September 30th 2020 the following changes will take place.

These products can no longer be purchased:

* quickssl
* thawte_csc (Thawte Code Signing)
* securesite_ft
* securesite_pro_ft
* securesite_ev_ft
* securesite_pro_ev_ft
* truebizid_ev_ft

These configurations on existing/new orders will be observed:

-All SAN supported Geotrust,Thawte,Digicert products will now support up to 250 SANs

- There will be new product offerings for certificates that cove both a wildcard CN and additional SANs
- A subdomain of the CN will no longer be considered a valid SAN, your product will be automatically upgraded to  a wildcard+SAN certificate offering.
- QuickSSL Premium will now support regular SANs and no longer be tied to subdomains.
- You will not be able to specify more than a value of 1 whenever asked to specify a server count
- Special Instructions will no longer be configurable
- Trust Seals will no longer be produced by the certificate vendor
- Pre-existing orders with dns/file validation can be swapped for any other validation method
- Pre-existing orders with email validation cannot be swapped for any other validation method
- Existing QuickSSL products will be labeled as QuickSSL Premium
- New SAN compatible product orders will not include free SANs, they will be purchased atop the base product.
- Compatible server_types have changed. All previous server_types no longer supported will be translated to a new server_type for ease of re-ordering. Supported server_types are listed here.

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