End-User password reset FAQ

We have updated the password requirements for our email services. After receiving a notice that your password is weak, you have 30 days to update your password. 

How do I reset my password?

  1. Log in to Webmail.
  2. Go to Settings and select Password.
  3. Select Change password. 
  4. Enter your current password, your new password, and then confirm your new password by entering it again. Click Save.

What are the new password requirements?

To ensure our overall mail security, we now require all mailboxes to have a password that the following requirements:

  • minimum of ten characters
  • at least one number
  • at least one capital letter
  • at least one symbol or special character (e.g. !@#$)

Is my password safe? What else are you doing to protect my services?

Your password is absolutely safe; every password is encrypted for protection.

We regularly update our security methods to ensure accounts are safeguarded against unauthorized access.

How do you know my password is weak?

We don't know what mail-users passwords are. For security reasons, we are not able to view any of the passwords for mailboxes on our email service.

All credentials are cross-referenced with our requirements in an encrypted format and are given a value that identifies the password as strong or weak.

Why is my email service suspended?

If your email service has been suspended, this means that you have not reset your password within the 30 day period. You will continue to receive mail through your webmail or mail client and can use other features and functionalities, but you will not be able to send mail until your password has been updated.

To unsuspend your email service, you must update your password to meet the requirements.

How do I stop being redirected to the password reset page?

Webmail users will continue to be redirected to the password reset page, to encourage the use of stronger security requirements. Once your password has been updated to meet our requirements, you will no longer be redirected.

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