Rebranding of Symantec certificates

In February 2018, DigiCert officially completed its acquisition of the Symantec SSL certificate business. The Symantec business has continued to operate as it was before, without any notable changes. However, DigiCert has recently announced that it will discontinue the Symantec SSL brand.

All Symantec certificate products are known as Digicert in OpenSRS as of Monday, May 4, 2020.


1. What changes are happening in OpenSRS?

All Symantec branded certificates are now branded as Digicert certificates, keeping the same product names. The Digicert Code Signing Certificate is replacing the previously offered Symantec Code Signing Certificate. 

2. Will existing certificates continue to be trusted?

Yes, existing certificates will continue to be trusted. Customers are not required to reissue current certificates. 

3.  Are features or pricing changing?

No, at this time, there are no changes to the pricing or features offered to the affected products.

4. Will communications regarding these products change?

Yes, all emails and invoices will reflect the Digicert brand instead of the Symantec brand.

5. How will the changes work with the API?

This change does not impact registrations or renewals made via the API. Any requests to register or renew Symantec products will complete as usual; the certificates will now carry the Digicert brand name. 

Resellers can continue to use the old product names or choose to use the new ones in the API calls. Requests to register or renew the Symantec Code Signing Certificate product will order the Digicert Code Signing Certificate instead.

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Product name changes

From: To:
Symantec SSL Lite DigiCert SSL Lite
Symantec SSL Lite Wildcard DigiCert SSL Lite Wildcard
Symantec Secure Site DigiCert Secure Site
Symantec Secure Site EV DigiCert Secure Site EV
Symantec Secure Site Pro DigiCert Secure Site Pro
Symantec Secure Site Pro EV DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV

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