Viewing domain transfers in the RWI

The view transfers section allows you to view transfer requests in the classic reseller interface. These pages provide a list of the domains and their order details in the respective transfer states at a glance. 


Waiting owner approval

Transfer orders that are waiting to be approved or declined by the current domain owner contact. This screen shows both registrar to registrar and reseller to reseller transfers into your account. The transfer approval email can be resent or cancelled as needed. 

Waiting registrar review

Find domains requiring manual review by OpenSRS here. Orders here may require manual WHOIS data parsing, or the status may be due to an ICANN transfer spot-check. The error sent to the reseller provides details on the reason. No action on the part of the reseller is necessary.

Waiting registry approval

OpenSRS has submitted the request to the losing registrar, and we are waiting for the registry to update the domain. This screen shows registrar to registrar transfers only, as reseller transfers do not require registry approval.

Transfers away 

Domains here have a request to be transferred to another registrar or reseller. You can see the following details for the application: domain name, transfer type, the date the transfer was initiated, which registrar started the request, the customer's contact email for approval, transfer confirmation status and an option to resend the transfer away email. 

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