Change of registrant (COR) for gTLD domains


The change of registrant process which was temporarily suspended after the GDPR implementation will be re-enabled for OpenSRS on March 31st, 2020 as required by ICANN. Under the ICANN trade policy, it will no longer be possible to update the contact information of a registrant through a simple contact modification request. Any changes to the owner contact of a domain including the first name, last name, organization name, or the email address will now trigger a trade process and require approval by the current registrant as well as the new registrant. To avoid the approval emails, registrants can use the Designated agent option to give Tucows, the authority to approve a change of registrant.

How the ICANN trade process works

  • Any changes to the first name, last name, organization name or email address of a domain owner contact triggers the trade process.
  • An approval email will be sent to the new registrant contact. The new owner has seven days to either accept or reject the change. 
  • If the new owner has accepted the contact change, an approval email will be sent to the current owner contact. The current owner has seven days to either accept or reject the change. 
  • If the current owner approves the contact update, the requested contact change is processed. If the new or current registrant declines the change, or the request times out after 7 days, the trade will be canceled and the current owner details will stay in place.
  • A confirmation email is sent to the current and the new owner.

The ICANN trade process that we implemented in 2016 was temporarily suspended as a consequence of GDPR implementation.

Change of registrant process after GDPR

After the ICANN trade process was temporarily disabled, contact changes to gTLD domains were possible simply by submitting the contact change using the control panel or API. Once the required change is submitted, the new contact is automatically updated for the domain without any need for further approvals from the current or the new contact. The contact changes would trigger a registrant verification email based on the verification status of the domain and the contact data that was modified.

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Changes implemented to the COR process at OpenSRS

When COR was first implemented, if a reseller enables the one time use tool, the Designated Agent, Tucows will act as the DA for all the existing registrants in a reseller account. With the re-launch, enabling the DA option will set Tucows as the DA for all existing as well as future registrants. However, for resellers who had DA enabled prior to the temporary suspension, the DA preferences of registrants will stay the same as was before the COR suspension, meaning the DA setting stays enabled for registrants who opted for DA and stays disabled for registrants who opted out of DA.

The COR process will not be triggered for any contact changes made to domains with Contact privacy settings enabled. The changes would be processed without the need for approval emails.

The email templates for the COR process has been changed. Resellers can make customizations as required. The old templates can still be seen in the Messaging section of the Reseller Control Panel, marked as deprecated and will remain available for you until April 30, 2020, to use as a reference when making customizations.

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