FAQ on White labeling for Hosted Email service

White labeling solution helps your customers to access webmail interface over an SSL protected custom subdomain URL like webmail.yourdomain.tld instead of our default server hostname and lets your clients use the custom hostname as the incoming/outgoing mail server. 

Frequently asked questions

Can a reseller account have multiple custom SSL subdomains?

Yes, though it is not recommended. Each reseller should ideally have one subdomain, such as webmail.yourdomain.tld, where all customers sign in. One single subdomain is right for brand reinforcement, as well as easier troubleshooting for your support staff. However, if you would still like to have multiple subdomains, you can provide us with one cert per subdomain or a SAN certificate containing all the subdomains you would like to have, such as webmail.yourdomain.tld, mail.yourdomain.tld, yourdomain.tld, finance.yourdomain.tld.

Some certificate vendors allow up to 100 SANs per certificate.  For this setup, however, please keep in mind the following caveats: 

  • If you add/remove common names from your cert and need the cert reinstalled, the installation fee of $100 applies per reinstall.
  • If the end-user checks the content of the cert, they will see all the SANs listed on the cert. 
  • Since an IP is assigned to the cert, the reverse DNS lookup of that IP will be assigned to the primary subdomain on the cert.  Please let us know if you prefer to have another subdomain for the IP in the PTR record.

The CNAME for these common names will need to be mapped to the right cluster to prevent browser certificate errors.

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If I already have a certificate containing the SAN I want to use, can I provide that for installation?

Yes, keep in mind that if you have to re-issue the cert for any reason and the cert has to be reinstalled on our end, the installation fee of $100 applies per reinstall. Please contact OpenSRS support so we can obtain the private key from you in a secure manner. 

If I purchase a wildcard certificate, can I have unlimited subdomain email logins?

Yes. If you provide a certificate such as *.acmeinc.biz, you can have an unlimited number of subdomains, such as mail.acmeinc.biz, signin.acmeinc.biz, email.acmeinc.biz, webmail.acmeinc.biz.

The CNAME for each subdomain would need to be mapped to the right cluster to prevent browser certificate errors.  

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Can the certificate be installed on a root domain? 

Yes, the certificate can be installed on a root domain, such as acmeinc.biz. For such an installation, please request a CSR from us and purchase the certificate with the CSR.  After the installation, we will reply with an IP address so that the root domain can be mapped to the IP.  

Can I have you install a certificate that is installed on many other servers I own? (For a SAN certificate)

Yes, please see the above details, and reach out to us as we would require the private key securely sent to us, we will provide instructions for this.  

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