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Mail Administration Console (MAC), our web interface for hostedemail services, is managed by administrator or ADM accounts and are used in support of our email servicesMAC provides access to manage company information, domain information, workgroups, mailboxes, and other types of accounts in your reseller profile. These settings are also accessible from the Reseller Control Panel.

Why are ADM accounts needed?

Administrative tasks for email, such as creating, deleting, and modifying email domains, users, brands, or workgroups, are performed by ADM accounts via the MAC. As you sign up for an OpenSRS reseller account, a default admin user with Company level permissions will be created based on your reseller username. For example, if your reseller username is osrsreseller, the domain osrsreseller.adm and the user admin@osrsreseller.adm will be created by default.

You can create additional admin users if you want to give admin access to others in your company so that they can manage email services for your account. There are different administrative levels or permissions that an admin user can have. The available options for a user in the MAC depend on the level of permissions assigned to that user.


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Logging in to MAC

Login URL for the MAC depends on the cluster your email services are on.

  1. Use your browser to navigate to the MAC URL: Replace with a or b accordingly.
  2. Enter your administrator username and password. Now click Login.


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How to reset the password on ADM accounts?

Reseller control panel

  1. Log in to Reseller Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Email tab.
  3. Search for the ADM domain (format: yourresellerusername.adm).
  4. Click on the username and select the Change password option from the Actions dropdown menu along the right. You can change the admin level, generate token, change or verify password using the Actions dropdown menu in the control panel.
  5. Type in the new password and click Save.

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  1. Log in to MAC A or MAC B, depending on the cluster your email services are on.
  2. Search for the ADM domain (format: yourresellerusername.adm). 
  3. Click on the user and modify the Password under Passwords and security.
  4. Click Update at the bottom of the page.

Are ADM accounts billed?

Admin users cannot send or receive emails and are not billed like other email users. ADM users can't log in to Webmail either. They can only manage email services through the MAC. 

Email management interfaces used at OpenSRS 



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