.ES Database Cleanup

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The Spanish registry red.es has sent out notifications about their database clean-up process, which has started in March 2019 for domain names under .ES (.es, .com.es, .nom.es, or .org.es). 
(See Figure 1.1 for the process)

The clean-up process consists of the following phases:
  1. Initial notification to the registrar, owner and administrative contact person informing that deficiencies have been found in the registration of the domain name and granting a period of 3 calendar days to make the necessary corrections.
  2. In case that no corrections are made in the domain name registration within the time allowed, a Special Cancellation Procedure will be initiated.

  • During that procedure, the domain name is blocked
  • As part of the Special Cancellation Procedure, the deadline for submitting corrections shall be 30 calendar days.
  • On the 10th day of the Special Cancellation Procedure, the domain name will not be reachable but is still registered. All services associated with the domain shall also be suspended.
  • After 20 days, if there is no correction made, the domain name is canceled.


Figure 1.1
All the detailed information about this procedure is available on the red.es website:
The information written on the registry’s website state registrants are responsible for the data correction. The corrections can be made providing any type of documentation that allows to verify that the data submitted to the registry is true and therefore correct.

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