Pushing a email domain to a new reseller

You may now push a domain from your reseller or company account to another reseller or company on the same email cluster. This allows you to save all the users, mail, and settings for the domain—the domain and all users are reassigned to the gaining reseller.

The gaining reseller will be billed for the domain in the next full billing cycle.

To start, both companies need to set the proper permissions. Once the permissions are set, they do not need to be set again, and you can push an unlimited number of domains between the two resellers.

Setting permissions to transfer

For the losing reseller

  1. Log in to MAC (mail administrative console).
  2. Go to your Company settings page inside MAC.
  3. Find the new Domain Push section at the bottom of the page.
  4. Note your company_id value. You will need to provide this to the reseller who wants to push a domain to you.

For the gaining reseller

  1. Get the former reseller's company_id.
  2. Go to your Company settings page inside MAC.

  3. In the Allowed companies section under the Domain Push section, add the former reseller's company_id and select Update.

    Note: Add an email address into the Notification Email field to get an email notification each time a domain is pushed to your account from an authorized reseller.
  4. Inform the former reseller that the transfer process is set up so they can complete the process. 

Pushing a domain after the permissions are set

  1. Once both the former and gaining reseller have set the appropriate permissions, the former reseller logs into MAC.
  2. Go to your Company domains settings page inside MAC.
  3. In the push section, select Push Domain.

  4. A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation. Select Push.

  5. The transfer is complete! The gaining reseller will now see the domain in their list of domains.

    Note: If no brand is set for the transferred domain, then it will revert to use the default company settings of the Gaining Reseller upon transfer. End-users may notice a difference in layout and features.
    If a brand is set for the transferred domain before transfer, then the settings will transfer over, but the brand will be unlabelled and unable to be edited. To make changes, the Gaining Reseller will need to create a new brand with the appropriate settings to assign to the domain.


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