.ALSACE domain policies

Registration Details

Registration term: 1-10 years

DNS requirements: 2-13

Whois Privacy: No

Domain Locking: Available

Grace Period: 40 days

Redemption Period: 30 days

Authcode required for transfers: Yes


Eligibility Requirements

To register and renew a .alsace domain name you must be an individual or a legal entity with a nexus to the .alsace community. This nexus means that you must be linked to the community at the time of registration and thereafter on a linguistic, cultural, tourism, commercial basis, or any other activity conducive to the welfare of the worldwide Alsace community.

You must be able to show either:

  • That you reside in Alsace, OR
  • That you carry out professional, personal, commercial or cultural activities OR
  • That you have any other direct or indirect attachment with Alsace (economic, social, cultural, historical, or other).

Registrations under the .alsace TLD are restricted to bonafide members of the Alsace community, and subject to the further requirement that the registrant’s actions in the .alsace community, as well as the registrant’s use of the registered domain name must respect and safeguard the image of Alsace community. This means the domain and its use must be:

(i) generally accepted as legitimate; and

(ii) respectful and without danger to the image of Alsace and Alsacians; and

(iii) not likely to detract from or harm the image of the registry operator or its partners; and

(iv) founded on good faith at the time of registration and following.

Community nexus and acceptable use are subject to post validation.

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