.AM domain policies

.AM is the TLD for the Armenia Network Information Centre (AMNIC) operating for the country, Armenia. AMNIC - www.amnic.net

Ownership changes:

.AM ownership changes are manual processes, requiring documents from the old and new registrants.

As a part of the ownership change, the below documents are required for ownership changes;

  1. A Letter of Authorization (LOA) will be required from the current registrant organization.                             The LOA must be on company letterhead with a raised seal or a copy of the organization's               registration certificate.
  2. Or an ID card/Passport from the contact/organization.
  3. The LOA will need to include contact details of the new owner.

A new registration fee is charged with the ownership change and the domain expiration reset to a year from the date of completion of the ownership change. Any additional terms already paid for are forfeited upon performing a trade.

*Note: The .AM registry does not operate in real-time and ownership changes can take several days to process.

Please see the below document for a .AM Domain Transfer & Domain Ownership Change:

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