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NIC.ar is the registry for .COM.AR (Argentina) domains. In order to register or renew a COM.AR domain, you need to create a registrant account at the NIC.ar registry and submit the required documents (in hard copy) for validation. Any document that is not already in Spanish must be translated into Spanish by a certified translator and, depending on the country of origin, notarized and then apostilled or legalized. Once the registry validates these documents, they will unlock the account and the registrant can then register, update, and renew .COM.AR domains. This policy is in effect for all new registrations, and as of October 27, 2013, it will also apply to all renewals.

The account creation and validation steps can be done by the registrant or by the Reseller on behalf of the registrant.

Note: .COM.AR registration orders can still be placed via Parallels, but the registrant should have a validated account at the registry prior to placing the order to ensure that the request will be successful. If an order is placed with OpenSRS before the registry account is completely set up, the order will likely fail.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart

Creating a registrant account

The NIC.ar website has a wizard (in Spanish only) that will walk you through the process of creating a registrant account: https://nic.ar/wizard.xhtml. Each registrant is allowed to create a single account. 

Validating the registrant account

You need to submit the following documents to the registry so that they can validate the identity of the registrant. The registry reserves the right to request further supporting documents as a part of the validation process.

For companies:

  • A copy of the Company Registration Document. The Company Registration Document can be one of the following:
    • The Articles of Association.
    • The minutes of the Incorporators meeting.
    • Another document which identifies the directors of the organization and their roles, as well as the pertinent information on the structure of the organization. This document should contain the notarized signatures of the directors.
  • A signed copy of the attached document "Validation of Legal Person.docx".
  • A copy (front and back) of the signer's Passport or Personal ID. If the signer is not Argentinean, the ID must be translated into Spanish by a certified translator, and, depending on the country of origin, notarized and then apostilled or legalized.
  • Power of Attorney: If the signer is not listed in the Company Registration Document as an authorized representative, then a notarized Power of Attorney authorizing the signer must be submitted with the request.

For individuals:

  • A signed copy of the attached document "Validation of Natural Person.docx".
  • A clear copy of the National Identity card of the registrant (front and back).

These documents can be submitted to NIC.ar by fax, email, or post:

  • Fax to +54.1143280749
  • Send email from the registrant email address to validaciones@nic.gob.ar
  • Send by post to:
    NIC Argentina
    Buenos Aires C1064AAB

Important: For non-Argentinian registrants, all documents must be translated into Spanish by a certified translator, notarized, and then either apostilled or legalized (depending on the registrant's country of origin).

For more information see the registry website at https://nic.ar/documentacion.xhtml. 

Registering .COM.AR domains with OpenSRS

Once the registry reviews and validates the submitted documents, they unlock the registrant account, and you can submit domain registrations through OpenSRS. Be sure to use the same owner contact information and extra information (individual ID card number and tax number, or organization tax number) that is listed in the NIC.ar registrant account. In addition, you must add a note to the order (through the RWI) specifying the account and password that was created at the registry. This allows OpenSRS to confirm the registrant account with NIC.ar. Please allow up to five business days for orders to be processed.

If the account and password are added to the order on the same day that you place the order, OpenSRS staff will pick up the information on the following business day and use the information to validate the registrant.

If the account and password is added after the order date, you need to send a request to OpenSRS Support (help@opensrs.com) to let them know that the order has been updated with this information.

If the order is placed before the account is set up at registry, or if the account and password that are submitted are incorrect, the registration fails and the order is marked as pending. OpenSRS cannot check whether an account already exists for a registrant; the registrant must confirm this with NIC.ar.

Note: When you submit a registration, make sure that the nameservers are authoritative for the domain.

Once OpenSRS confirms the validity of a registrant's registry account, and verifies that the contact and identification information that was submitted with the order matches what is at the NIC.ar registry, the registration is processed and the order is marked as complete. The domain can then be managed via OpenSRS.

Attached to this article are four documents related to individual and organization validation. Two of the documents explain what needs to be done, and the other two are the forms that you need to submit - one is for a individuals and the other is for organizations.

You can find more information on the registry website at https://nic.ar/documentacion.xhtml

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