Internationalized domain name registrations

Internationalized domain names (IDNs) allow you to use local language characters, such as an umlaut over a letter, with TLDs.  Multilingual domains are governed by the same registration agreement as their English equivalents. All customers registering IDNs are bound to the existing ICANN sanctioned registration terms and conditions.

Only Punycode compliant (xn--) IDNs are supported, RACE encoded submissions are not accepted. We also do not support TLDs that are themselves IDNs. When registering a domain in a language other than English, first convert the domain name using an IDN conversion tool.

IDN bulk registrations

Submitting a bulk IDN domains list must be done via a .TXT file from the Reseller Web Interface. Each line of the text file must include the domain name, username, password, registration length and language tag. IDN domain names must be in UTF-8 or Punycode encoding and must include the language tag as the last field. Each field must be separated by a comma.,domainusername,domainpassword,1,ger

Submitting bulk IDN registrations

The time it takes to register your bulk file depends on the size of the batch file. Each name appears on the screen as it either registers or fails to register. The word done appears at the bottom of the domain list once the file is complete and a new page displays the status of each request.

In some cases, especially with large files or during times when the registry’s response is slow, 
the browser may not display live updates of the registration progress until it has completed the file.
Note: Do not shut down your browser and try again. Let the browser complete the process. 

  1. In the domain registration administration section, click Bulk domain change management.
  2. Select Place bulk order manually.
  3. Complete the domain registration form. 
  4. Push the Choose file button in the upload file section and select the .TXT flat file to be used.
  5. Click Submit at the bottom of the form.Domain_registration_from_submit_button.jpg
  6. The browser reads your batch file and lists the domains from the file. Once you have inspected your domains, select Register to begin the bulk lookup and registration process.
    Note: Corrections may be done directly on this page. Duplicates or invalid names are removed. 

IDN supported popular TLDs

These are the most commonly used IDN TLDs, a full list of the domains and their respective languages is found in the TLD Reference Chart.

.biz .ch .co .com .de .eu .fr .info
.kr .link .net .online .org .pl .shop .work

IDN supported languages

Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Aragonese Armenian
Assamese Asturian Avestan Awadhi Azerbaijani
Balinese Balochi Basaa Bashkir Basque
Belarusian Bhojpuri Bosnian Bulgarian Burmese
Carib Catalan Central Khmer Chechen Chuvash
Coptic Corsican Croatian Danish Dhivehi
Dogri Dutch English Estonian Faroese
Fijian Finnish French Frisian Gaelic
Georgian German Gondi Greek, Modern Gujarati
Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indic languages
Indonesian Ingush Irish Italian Japanese
Javanese Kashmiri Kazakh Kirghiz Korean
Kurdish Lao Latvian Lithuanian Luxembourgish
Macedonian Malay Malayalam Maltese Maori
Moldovan Mongolian Nepali Norwegian Oriya
Ossetian Pashto Polish Portuguese Punjabi
Rajasthani Romanian Russian Samoan Sanskrit
Sardinian Serbian Sindhi Sinhala Slovak
Slovenian Somali Spanish Swahili Swedish
Syriac Tajik Tamil Telugu Thai
Tibetan Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek
Vietnamese Welsh Yiddish    

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