Complete bulk registrations in the resellers control panel

Multiple domains can now be registered at once in the Resellers Control Panel using a comma-delimited (.csv) file or pasted/typed list.

1. In the Control Panel (log in here), click Domains.  

2. Click the blue button with multiple plus signs.

3. At this point, you will be offered the choice to upload a list of new domains to purchase.  Make sure this radio button is selected (for transfers, please see the Bulk Transfers article) and click Next.  

4. You may either upload your .csv file or paste/type your list of domains, and click Validate.

5. Remove any domains with errors, etc. by clicking the small red - sign next to them.

6. Fill out registration as per usual (for assistance, please see Registering domain names through the Control Panel) and click Submit Regsitration.

Progress for bulk registrations can be viewed (and cancelled, if necessary) in the Settings menu at the top right corner of the Control Panel under Bulk Actions.

For more on Bulk Actions, please see:

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