Listing domains for sale through SedoMLS Premium

The SedoMLS (multiple listing service) will list domains for sale on more than 650 partner sites and facilitate payment and transfer.  It allows a registrant to set a Buy Now price for a domain for immediate purchase.

Registering with Sedo

You must register directly with Sedo in order to make use of this service:

Listing your domain(s) for sale

To list a domain for sale, a registrant must properly enroll the domains with Sedo (in the account you created).  Then, Sedo will verify ownership of the domain(s) in order to offer them for sale.

For domains not yet added to Sedo:

Click Add Domains.


Listing your domain(s) for sale


Follow the steps to add your domains and activate SedoMLS.  The system will indicate with a red dot and information if the TLD is not supported.

For domains already added to Sedo:

Select the domains by checking the boxes next to them, and click Activate SedoMLS Premium.

Verify the information provided and click Activate SedoMLS Premium.

Ownership verification

The Sedo system will check registration data against the public WHOIS database in order to verify ownership.  Sedo offers the following suggestions to expedite this process:

  • Temporarily disable privacy protection services during the ownership verification process.
  • Make sure Sedo contact details match the contact details in the WHOIS records.
  • Set the name servers to NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM and NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM

Notification that your domains are verified/authorization code request

Once Sedo has verified ownership of the domain(s), they will trigger an automated message sent to the registrant from the reseller's technical contact email address.  

This email will request that the registrant follow a link to provide the authorization code for the domain.  The domains will be listed once the authcode is provided.

Sale of the domain(s)

If/when a domain sells, the registrant will receive payment within one business day.  The transfer is automatic and does not require the involvement of the registrant.

Unsupported TLDs


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