.CH domain policies

.CH is the geoTLD for Switzerland and is regulated by SWITCH.

Registration details

.CH is an open registry; registrants do not have to be Swiss residents or business operators to register a .CH domain.

When the registrant is outside of Switzerland, they must provide an authorized contact in Switzerland to receive official or court documents on their behalf. The contact must return the documents to the registry within 30 days upon request; The registry deletes domains when they don't receive the documents in time. 

The name length requirements for .CH domains are three to 63 characters before the TLD. We support IDNs for this TLD. The IDN languages available are:

Danish Dutch Finnish French Icelandic
Italian Norwegian Portuguese Spanish


Find all additional details on our TLD Reference Chart.


Domains renew by default when registered and renew five days after the expiry day and not before. Delete the domain at least 30 days before the expiry date to disable the automatic renewal.


Domains transferred into OpenSRS do not require a change to the expiry date. Registrar transfers require an authorization code from the registry or the current provider. Don't hesitate to contact support to receive an authcode for a transfer away. 


The registrant authorizes changes to DNS or contact details by replying directly to a registry confirmation email or sending a company letterhead fax.

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