.EU domain policies

.EU is the TLD for the European community. EURid is the Registry that manages it.

Registration requirements

The name length requirements for .EU domains are two to 63 characters before the TLD.

We do support IDNs for this TLD. The following IDN languages are available:

Bulgarian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian
Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Irish
Italian Latvian Lithuanian Maltese Polish Portuguese
Romanian Sardinian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish

Ten years is the maximum registration term at any given time. Complete registration details are in the TLD reference chart.

Residency requirements

The following users may register a .EU domain:

  • an EU citizen, independently of their place of residence;
  • a natural person who is not an EU citizen and who is a resident of a member state;
  • an undertaking that is established in the EU; or
  • an organization that is established in the EU, without prejudice to the application of national law.

The country of citizenship field is mandatory while the registrant is located outside of the EU. When a registrant is in the EU, this field is left blank. 

As of Aug 2, 2021, the citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway can register .EU domains and their variants in other scripts regardless of their place of residence.

When the registrant transfers/registers a domain as a natural person who qualifies based on their citizenship in an EU member state, they leave the organization field blank and use the country of citizenship attribute.

Below is the country list for the country of citizenship attribute. The country code must be one of the following member states of Europe:

AT Austria FR France LV Latvia
BE Belgium GR Greece MT Malta
BG Bulgaria HR Croatia NL Netherlands
CY Cyprus HU Hungary NO Norway
CZ Czechia IE Ireland PL Poland
DE Germany IS Iceland PT Portugal
DK Denmark IT Italy RO Romania
EE Estonia LI Liechtenstein SE Sweden
ES Spain LT Lithuania SI Slovenia
FI Finland LU Luxembourg SK Slovakia

Note: Updates to the country of citizenship field are accepted while the contact is a natural person.

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Contact information

Registrants keep their names private in the WHOIS record by leaving the organization field blank. In this case, the registry WHOIS displays the email address.

For more information regarding this, please see the registry WHOIS policy.

Restricted names

Not all available names are available for registration. All one and two-character country codes are unavailable for registration. EU member states have a list of terms related to geographical and geopolitical concepts which affect their organization. According to the public policy, these may not be registered or only under second-level specific rules.


A scheduled deletion request goes to the registry 60 days before the expiry date. When the domain renews during the 60 days, we remove the deletion request. The renewal completes at the end of the month in which it would have expired.

Renewals are available during the domain's term. We mark the domain with the status of renewal applied and do not delete the name at expiry. The new expiry date does not change at the registry but is visible within the Reseller Control Panel.

A domain name not renewed by its expiry date expires.
Note: The previous quarantine process during which a domain was quarantined to the end of the expiry month no longer exists.

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Transfers in

.EU domain transfers are processed via the standard domain transfer process.

When the transfer request is submitted, OpenSRS sends an email to the registrant asking them to confirm the transfer. Enter the transfer authorization code for approval. Obtain the authcode from the current registrar for the domain. Failure to provide the authcode within five days results in the request cancellation.

Once the registrant approves the request from OpenSRS, the transfer request is sent to the registry and usually completes automatically.

The registry performs random verification checks to ensure that transfer requests are valid. In most cases, the verification process is straightforward, and the transfer completes within five days. When the registry requires further information to validate the transfer, they contact the registrant directly. The registrant has five days in which to respond.

Once the transfer completes, the registration extends the term one year and charges the equivalent to a single-year registration.

To transfer a domain to OpenSRS that is currently in quarantine, please submit the request through the RWI and email us the details. Include the domain name in the subject line and that you have submitted a transfer order for the domain to be a transfer-from-quarantine. Once initiated, the transfer still needs to be confirmed by the registrant. The charge that is applied is for re-activating a quarantined name rather than a standard transfer fee.

Transfers away

To request the authorization/EPP code, please be sure to use the request .EU domain authcode link from your RWI panel while logged into your account.

  1. Log in to your classic reseller interface.

  2. Select Request .EU domain authcode.
  3. Enter the domain list in the enter the list of domains field. 
  4. Click Submit. A message with the authcode goes to the registrant listed on file at the registry.

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