.LV Domain Policies

.LV is the TLD for the country of Latvia and is regulated by University of Latvia Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science Department of Network Solutions (DNS).

OpenSRS offers domain name registrations for the third level domain .COM.LV in addition to second level .LV domains.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart


.LV domains must renew via the auto-renew process as explicit renewals are not supported. Auto-renew can be disabled ~37 days before the expiration date of the domain. Please contact our support team if you need to enable auto-renew after this time.


Transfers of .LV domains follow the process outlined in Transferring domains and changing domain ownership, however there is no charge as there is change to the registration period upon transfer.

Changes of ownership

In order to change the ownership of a .LV or .COM.LV domain, a signed change of ownership form must be submitted along with identification documents from both the old and new registrants.

This process takes 3-5 business days and is handled by EPAG Domainservices GmbH on behalf of the registry.

To begin the process contact OpenSRS support at help@opensrs.com.

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