.MA Domain Policies

.ma is the TLD for the country of Morocco, and is regulated by ANRT (http://www.registre.ma/).  

OpenSRS offers domain name registrations for the following third level domains: .co.ma as well as second level domains.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.


Auto-renew can be removed ~31 days before expiration date. 

Support, payments and other information

  • ANRT has issued a list of reserved terms that cannot be registered unless there is a written justification (such as a patent, incorporation name, or the term will be used by a relevant authority) for requiring the domain name.  The list can be found at the registry site.  If there is no trademark for the name and the justification is rejected, the domain will be deleted by the registry with no refund issued.
  • The registry reserves the right to cancel any registration at any time without a refund if they think the domain name infringes on any rights

Transfer away

Please contact our support team for assistance with generating a transfer authorization code for a transfer away.


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