Storefront FAQs

With the launch of our new Storefront product, we have compiled the most common questions we feel you may have.

Storefront Configuration

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How do I log in? A reseller can navigate to the login page from the Reseller Control Panel (RCP) or navigate via URL. The login credentials are the same username and password used for the RCP.
Can I change the hostname from the default ( Yes, custom hostnames are supported.

How do I update my branding?

Storefront branding can be updated in the settings pages.

Resellers can update:

  • Store logo
  • Store name
  • Colours
  • Homepage
  • Text and images


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What is Stripe, and why do I have to sign up for a Stripe account?

Stripe is our payment processing partner for OpenSRS Storefront.

Each Reseller is required to have a Stripe account so that we can process payments on your behalf and also to provide a simple way to pay out the share of earnings in Storefront directly to your connected bank account.

When do I get paid, and how does it work? Once $100 in Storefront commissions have been made, they will be paid out straight to your bank account by Stripe 30 days after the end of the month.
Are there any forms for taxes to worry about? No, we have taxes automatically applied for your customers where applicable.
How can I update my banking information? For now, if you need to update your banking information after the initial Stripe account setup is completed, you’ll need to contact OpenSRS Support, and they can assist with that.
Are there any fees for Storefront? Yes, we charge a 3% fee plus $0.95 per transaction.


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What products can I sell? You can sell a selection of domain names along with Contact Privacy protection at launch.
What top-level domain extensions (TLDs) are supported?

Please see the List of Storefront TLDs currently offered.

How does pricing work? Can set their default (global) pricing, that will markup every TLD in their store by the % given. They can set “pretty pricing”, so that each item will end in .99 or .00. The reseller can set pricing for individual TLDs by going to the TLD tab. Can set the pricing for each TLD by a custom % or set the final retail price. Any domains that are set custom, are not affected by the Default pricing.


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How do customers pay? What payment methods are supported? Customers pay via credit card. Storefront accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Union Pay and others.
What will my customers see on their credit card statements? Resellers can set a custom descriptor in the Storefront Manager that will be used on all payments to ensure that customers recognize the payment.
How can I see orders? The Storefront Manager provides full details about all the orders and transactions done through your Store.


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Can I log in as a customer, and what can I do if I need to provide support? Yes! Resellers can log directly into their users’ accounts as required to provide customer support, including things like updating DNS, changing WHOIS data and domain settings. From the Storefront Manager, you can look up a user, edit details and send a password reset email if required.
How do my users log in? Users log in with a username and password.
Can I manage my customers' domains and/or DNS? Yes. If your users use the provided ShopCo DNS, then you can log in as your user and manage DNS right in the interface.


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I’m currently using the existing OpenSRS Storefront. When can I use the new Storefront?

We’re working to get the new Storefront to feature parity so that existing users can be moved over. We’ll provide further information on timelines and what’s needed to migrate to the new Storefront soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the new Storefront Manager and even get ready by setting up your Stripe account and getting your Storefront settings, like branding and pricing, set up on the new Storefront. You won’t be able to activate it just yet, but we know that you and your users will be excited to take advantage of the new interface as soon as possible.


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