The Manage Web Interface (MWI)

Registrants can make changes to their domain name records using the end-user management portal, the Manage Web Interface. They can log into the interface using the username and password that was selected at the time of registration.

Registrants can use the interface to modify domain ownership along with other domain attributes depending on the TLDResellers may choose to implement a customized version of the MWI interface and build specific functionality into it (templates are included in the full access scripts). MWI is a shared management interface for resellers who do not run their own management interface.

Logging in to the MWI

  1. Click on to the MWI login URL.
  2. Type in the domain name that you want to manage along with the registrant username and password.
  3. Click on the Manage domain option.

Management options in the MWI


Manage profile

Profile management section can be used to:

  • Change the username and password that controls a domain name, typically to transfer control of the domain to someone else.
  • Move the domain name to another profile, to either transfer control of the name to someone else, or to organize name control.
  • Assign sub-user access to manage either parts of or all information related to this name.

Manage contacts

Organization contact

You can view and edit information about the company or entity associated with the domain you are managing from this section. The organization that .CO.UK and .ORG.UK names are registered to cannot be changed using this interface.


Admin contact

The admin contact of a domain has the authority to make changes to domain records.


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Billing contact

The billing contact is responsible for billing issues concerning the domain's registration. In order to avoid interruption in service, the registration fee must be up to date at all times. This record should be accurate to maintain renewal fees properly.


Technical contact

Tech contact is considered authoritative for a domain name as related to web hosting, mail, and other DNS records. Tech contact is typically an ISP or Web hosting provider, but it can be anyone the registrant chooses. By default, this information is populated from the Reseller’s technical contact profile.


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Nameservers/DNS section can be used to manage the nameservers and zone records for a domain. The zone information section can be used only if the domain uses the default systemDNS nameservers. Registrants can also create custom nameservers based on their domain names using this section. 


Domain extras

Domain extras show information that does not apply to other sections, such as auth code for EPP domains, email forwarding options (for .name domains), and .US  “Nexus” information.

Reseller contact

This section shows the Reseller contact of the registrant and allows them to opt-out of displaying this information via WHOIS.


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Domain locking

This section shows registrants whether their domains are currently locked or unlocked. If a domain is locked, transfers and DNS modification cannot be made until the domain is unlocked. Resellers can choose whether to allow registrants to have the lock/unlock domain permissions in the MWI.


Domain forwarding

The domain forwarding section allows registrants to forward their domains to another destination. The forwarding feature can be used only if the domain is using the default systemDNS nameservers. Also, the forwarding IP address, should be added as an A record on the root domain or sub-domain accordingly.


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